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Khabib calls out Floyd Mayweather after winning against McGregor

A notorious footage has emerged online which shows Khabib calling out Mayweather after he won from McGregor. The video has gone viral because of the fans which worship Khabib and want him to win against Mayweather as well. Khabib had won against Conor McGregor at UFC 229 last weekend. Almost every UFC fan know this victory because this was an important show of power and technique.

The CEO of Mayweather promotions has uploaded the video on the Instagram. This video is quite important as in it Khabib can be heard saying, “Let’s go Floyd we have to fight now – 50-0 vs 27-0 – two guys who never lose, let’s go, why not?”

Khabib appeared to be quite excited and confident while calling out Mayweather in the video which got uploaded on the Instagram. The fan following of the Instagram got pretty much heated up following the invite of Khabib. Khabib added, “In the jungle there is only one king. One king only. Ofcourse I am the king because he could not drop McGregor and I dropped him easily. Let’s go.”

So, in the above challenge it is obvious that Khabib believes he can easily knockout Mayweather. The reason is his win against McGregor. Ellerbe replied, “You’ll get some of that work, baby.


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After the mass brawl which McGregor and Khabib followed in UFC 229, they both are suspended from the fight. The pair respective entourage observed some heated moments between each other. These UFC suspension started from 15th October and can be actually extended for a long period of time. Nurmagomedov is one stakeholder who is also observing the future of his fights. The future will tell the fate of these amazing people who take everything professionally. Obviously, they have a good fan following and the fans want them to see them in action again.

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