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Khabib $2 million earnings withheld and could be stripped of ‘UFC Title’

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Sports is recommended by every good government because of its healthy and common-point merging effects on a society. People find something common for themselves and this removes the ethno-religious differences. UFC has earned a lot of fans since its launch. Everyone knows a bunch of people in his friend’s circle who go crazy whenever a UFC match is happening. People also go crazy while supporting their favourite fighter.

A tint of similar craziness was spotted when Nurmagomedov’s team started an altercation after the UFC 229 fight in Las Vegas. The fight started when Khabib Murmagomedov jumped out of octagon to start a fight with defeated McGregor. The moment such an altercation was spotted everyone knew that Nurmagomedov’s career was in danger.

Now, if Nurmagomedov is suspended then his Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight title could well be taken from him. In addition to this, he can face potential fines because of his charged behaviour.

The Independent covered the story of this altercation. Dana White was asked about her comments on the matter, she said “We’ll see. The NSAC is going to hand down some type of fine or suspension, we’ll see. I don’t know. If he gets suspended, it depends how long it is but yeah he will probably get stripped if it’s a long suspension.”

Surprisingly at the press conference which took place after the match, Khabib Nurmagomedov apologized for his behaviour. He sought apology from the athletic commission and Los Vegas. “I know this is not my best side,” added Khabib. Along with the apology he gave reasons to justify his attack. He said that McGregor talked about his religion, family and when he came to Brooklyn he could have harmed the people on the bus.

Why are we talking about me climbing on the cage? My father taught me to be respectful. Today, he tapped, the belt is here, undisputed, undefeated UFC Lightweight Champion. This is a respectful sport, not a trash-talking sport.” said Khabib Nurmagomedov after the press conference.

The story is developing and there are no updates on the matter at the moment. A new update will be posted for UFC fans as soon as a word is heard in this regard.

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