KFC denies being fooled by the man who had free KFC meal for a year

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We’ve all come across the type of people who often prefer to take free rides. They just don’t feel right if they are unable to get something for free, on a daily basis. It can be about food or any other thing in general. They just feel entitled to get free treats. They think that it’s their right to get a free ride in almost every walk of life.

This story is about a person who portrayed himself to be from the top management of the KFC in order to get free meals. As the story broke, he carried out his fake character for around a year, and during this time he enjoyed having KFC meals, without paying any money. This 27yo fellow did something which would be remembered as something witty for the years to come. It would take some substance for anyone to carry out the same regime for the sake of eating free food. Making a fool out of KFC is something hard.

He scammed his way to get a free KFC meal for an entire year. He used to tell the KFC employees at the outlets that Headquarter sent him to check the quality of the food. He further used to claim that he was sent to check the quality of the chicken. In addition to this, he used to carry an identity card which he portrayed to have been issued from the head office. To further strengthen his claim, he also used to arrive in a limousine.

The internet after learning about the story started to talk in favour of the guy. Many people claimed that the guy should have been knighted instead of putting him behind the bars. When a member of such a KFC outlet where the guy had scammed was interviewed, he said that the guy used to act in the best of his manner. He asserted his opinions like someone originally from the headquarter. The employee said that the scammer was so convincing that even his colleagues in other outlets knew him.

The tweet which announced about an imposter pretending to be a KFC top guy obtained more than 22k likes and 10k tweets. People are dubbing him as a hero. The anonymous guy carried out the scam in South Africa.

Now, this story seems to be pretty legendary. All we have at this moment is a claim made by a journalist who revealed this story on his Twitter account and the denial of KFC.

KFC South Africa calls the story to be fabricated

In a statement released by the KFC, the top management noted had this happened it would have been legendary. In the following statement, the management denied the claim.

It would be legendary if only it were true. Fake is as far as it gets with this story.

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