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KFC customer said he bit into a chicken drumstick and ended up with a mouthful of MAGGOTS

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Martyn Bates claims that he bought three pieces of KFC chicken in northern New South Wales at 3 pm one day earlier in March, the Gold Coast Bulletin reports. According to him he ate one piece and let the other two in the fridge to save it for later. And then the next day when he chewed on it, he had strange feeling in his mouth.

When inspected the piece, there were live maggots moving in it. He immediately rushed to the bathroom and gargled half of the bottle of Listerine. Upon complaining to the KFC, he insisted that it was a mistake on their behalf and upon several complaints, he got a $20 voucher. The spokesperson of the KFC denies any mistake on their behalf and rightly so. Because the KFC chicken are kept either freezing or at a very high temperature and the maggots can survive on a temperature between 10C to 40C.

Many are saying that this kind of claims are made by people, but mistakes are done on own part and then blame the chains to get rewards. The spokesperson said that there must be a negligence on customer’s behalf. Whatever the case might be, this is quite the nasty experience. Mr. Bates said he would never eat at that chain again. If I were in his place, I won’t even enter a fast-food chain ever again. Many say that a lot of people do this kind of tricks to win money, they are inspired by the famous “McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case”. Many people call the case a “jackpot justice” as it awarded the old lady $3 million for the damage the hot coffee done to her. This is motivation for some to claim damages for what didn’t occur or was a malafide suit.

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Although this case of Mr. Martyn Bates wasn’t put in court for the trail, there is still a chance that it can go there. Even if goes down that road it is not likely that Mr. Martyn Bates will yield any benefits. We must keep our food at the recommended temperature and must look at the food before we eat it. Imagine eating a chicken piece and seeing live maggots crawling in it like it’s their nightclub, even the thought of it is enough to make a person sick. It’s strange that in this kind of cases there are always leftover and then there is contamination, which isn’t strange.

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