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Kat Von D pledges to raise her unborn child Vegan, so this mother shuts her down

Kat Von d has a huge number of following both on the social media and in the real life. Almost everyone knows about this star for having a carrier in both modelling and music. She is also a tattoo artist, author and an entrepreneur. Thus, when she says something and gives a public opinion then it is natural for the people to pay heed to it and apply it on themselves.

There are many celebrities who have promoted the avoidance for vaccinating the kids. Jenny McCarthy is one of the names which has been linked with impacting the number of parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids. McCarthy proposed the idea that the MMR vaccine actually caused his son autism. It is a coincidence that soon after McCarthy declared the news another record number of measles cases started showing up in America. People are now gradually retaining more faith in vaccines.

Kat Von D has recently communicated to her 18 million followers that she would raise her child to be a vegan. The child has not born yet and she told the followers that she would not be vaccinating her child amidst all the rumours.

If you don’t know what it’s like have people around you think you are ridiculous, try being openly vegan.

Try … having a natural, drug-free home birth in water with a midwife and doula, who has the intention of raising a vegan child, without vaccinations.

In the post which she made for her followers, she said that she knew that her life was not private and as soon as she would declare her pregnancy people would start pouring in with their own set of advice. So, this post was basically a response to all those people who have given her advice with their knowledge.

She further added that she was aware with the criticism and backlash that she would face upon making her personal thoughts public regarding her own child. The father of the actor became a little angry when she told him that she would not be opting for a doctor but instead a midwife would do the job.

She said that the word should not have any problem with her own personal opinions whether she decides to vaccinate her child or not. Kat Von D openly promotes being vegan pregnant mother who has been intentions to raise a vegan child. The actress does not care for the commands of the public because she knows what it is like going against the opinions of a majority of people.

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But One Mom did not like her Choices:

Carolinehirons shared a heartbreaking story in response to the Kat Von D’s decisions. She shared the story of a son who was taken to the Emergency Room last summer in a convoy of two ambulances and four paramedics. She said that her son was so dehydrated that the doctors could not find anyone and he was suffering from high fever and hallucinations. The condition was so deteriorating that the son was almost unconscious.

His fever took a week to come down with normal range … at the time he was a 23yo man, fitter than most, who played football for approx 4 hours a day. Mumps felled him. He lost over two stone in weight. Without intensive medical intervention he would not be here.

The mother was of the opinion that since her son was a young adult with a strong body so that is why he was able to survive the disease. On contrary she said that if he was a baby or someone with the compromised immune system then it would have been hard for the doctors to save the guy. She said that it was very dangerous to promote raising the Unborn kids without vaccinations. She blamed those who did not vaccinate their kids as the cause for rejuvenating these diseases.

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