Kanye’s sneaker empire is worth $1 bn, shares Forbes from rags to riches story

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The latest issue of Forbes magazine has featured the infamous Kanye West. An evaluation of the sneaker-empire of Kanye West has been made and according to the magazine, the company is in billions. Forbes has estimated that the revenues for his Yeezy sneaker line will top $1.5 bn in 2019. \

Yeezy sneaker line is now with Adidas, as it moved from Nike to Adidas in 2013. West had struck an amazing deal with Adidas for receiving 15 pc royalty on the wholesale plus a marketing fee. If someone wants to compare the deal with the other ones of the same nature then Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan Line gives a good comparison, as he receives 5 pc with an annual sales of about $3 bn.

Forbes mentioned that Kanye had tweeted to Mark Zuckerberg and asked him to invest $1 bn in his ideas as he was $53 m in debt. Kanye claims that decision of tweeting to Mark as a blessed one.

I’m just blessed through the grace of God to go from tweeting at Mark Zuckerberg (to now).

After that, Kanye was hospitalised because of sleep deprivation and temporary psychosis. However, later he emerged in a bizarre meeting with Donald Trump, who was then-president-elect. The meeting took place at Trump Tower. West in an interview said that his fortune was because of his religious views. He claims of being in service of the Christ. Further, he gives credit to his bipolar nature which helped him give some superpower to imagine better and in a more creative way.

In an interview to the Forbes which was also shared online, Kanye gave minute details on his life and the Yeezy empire. Definitely, the American rapper has come a long way in diversifying his income. He has decided not to put his eggs in a single basket.

In case someone wants to hear his interview, then we’ve embedded the video above.

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