Kanye West Likened SLAVERY to a deliberate CHOICE, “History” speaks otherwise though!

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Kanye West started an outrage after he made an absurd and bizarre statement on TMZ Live. He called slavery a ‘choice.’

This first occurred in the beginning of the program where he was asked to answer a statement made by Tha Dogg Pound rapper Daz Dillinger in which he asked for Kanye to be assaulted by members of the Crisp, because Kanye referred to the President of US Donald Trump as his ‘brother.’

‘I said wow, this is really like the Malcolm X movie. They are really going to send some black people out to me,’ stated Kanye.

He then went on to say: ‘You can live through an a** whipping. Probably the idea is to beat sense into me. But when you hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years? That sounds like a choice.’

‘You were there for 400 years, and it is all of y’all? It is like we are mentally imprisoned. I like the word prison because slavery goes too direct to the idea of blacks. It is like slavery, holocaust. Holocaust, is Jews, and slavery is blacks.

‘So prison is something that unites us as one race. Blacks and whites, one race. It is like we are one with the human race, we are human beings and stuff.’

Kanye tied to ditch the point, but Levin did not allow him to do so as he brought the conversation back to the rapper’s absurd comment about slavery. This is what a good host does with the guest.

‘Right now, we’re choosing to be enslaved,’ said Kanye, who spoke about a recent FaceTime conversation he had with Ibrahim ‘Ebro’ Darden and conservative commentator Candice Owens.

He said that because Owens shut Ebro down during a conversation they had, Ebro refused to allow Owens on his show.

‘So you’re stiffling her voice,’ said Kanye.

‘You’re choosing to enslave people’s minds. You’re choosing to not let the truth be free.’

The conversation shifted from the topic to his support for Trump. He told that he was unfairly attacked because he was black and supported the president.

‘The mob tries to tell you what to think. The mob tries to make all blacks be Democrats for food stamps and stuff. It is the mob,’ said Kanye.

On the subject of President Trump however, Kanye did explain that politics has little to do with his affinity for the real-estate-scion-turned-commander-in-chief.

‘My righteous point of view is freedom of thought. I don’t have extremely strong political opinions. You can talk to John Legend if you want opinions,’ said Kanye.

‘I have never been into politics. I just love Trump. That is my boy.’

Kanye then pointed out that a number of rappers felt the same way before President Trump took office.

‘It is like the media and the liberals and the echo chamber and all that is having the most soar loss of all time,’ demonstrated Kanye.

‘We are going to keep putting out — it is like torture adult-content. We are going to keep showing you negative, negative, negative, negative.’

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