“Jury gets death threats” after teacher gets handcuffed for questioning pay raise

Written by Wamiq Ali

Lafayette, La. – A day after this teacher got handcuffed for raising her voice against the pay raise of the superintendent as compared to the teachers, the jury started to get death threats. The teacher was forcibly handcuffed and taken out of the room. She had raised concerns about the superintendent’s pay raise.

The school board on this act started to receive death threats, the board president released a statement on Tuesday. On Monday, the school board met to increment pay of Superintendent, however, Deyshia Hargrave disagreed to give an increase in the pay of superintendent since teachers and other employees have not received raises in several years.

At one point during the board meeting, the police officer approached Hargrave and told her to leave the room and the meeting. The video of this entire incident got filmed and was shared on the internet which instantly started getting loads of attention from the people all around the globe. We covered the story and the film of a teacher getting arrested amidst her argument can be watched.

The officer in the video escorts her out of the room and puts her later in the handcuffs. She was then brought to the parking lot and was taken in the police mobile. She was arrested on charges of resisting an officer and remaining in the room after being forbidden.

The President Anthony Fontana told the media that the jury members were temporary locked up after they started to receive some serious death threats. These threats came from all around the world. The threats were from as far away as South America, Australia and England. The threats were reported to the FBI and Vermilion Parish law enforcement.

His job is to make sure we have an orderly meeting, he knows what the law is. He knows what our policy is. … The officer did exactly what he is supposed to do. – said Fontana

Fontana further said that the officer who arrested Hargrave acted appropriately and he stands 100% right as he performed his mere duty.

However, experts say that the constitution stops any authority for acting against anyone who tries to express his opinion. The freedom of expression must not be oppressed and disallowed.

The Constitution prohibits the government from punishing or retaliating against people for expressing their views – said ACLU

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