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Judge makes $138,000 a year & hasn’t sat on the Bench ONCE

A TV station has accused a new Detroit Judge of receiving the paychecks but not appearing in the office or working for the public. The TV channel says that the judge is currently getting paid without any form of work being taken from her for the public good, “The judge hasn’t sat on the Bench ONCE,” further says the news report.

Kahlilia Yvette Davis had won the 36th’s Judge of District Court, in her short interview she told the media that due to her surgery she was a sufferer of an infection. She believed that her absence was best in the interest of court’s bench. However, there are videos floating around in the media, released by WJBK, showing the said judge going to gym, Sam’s club and the credit union.

Nancy Blount, the Chief Judge, after watching the media rumours asked Ms Davis for a detailed written evidence regarding her health condition. Since then Ms Blount hasn’t received a satisfactory response from a doctor.

There are 29 other judges in the circuit who show up to their work on daily basis. Davis, however, hasn’t shown up to this date since the day of her being elected as District Court Judge.

On the day of swearing in, Davis asked the court if she could take  time off for a trip to Germany. Chief Judge Nancy Blount, however, discarded her request.

Later, Ms Davis told the court that she was suffering from some infection and she needed some time off. The cause of the infection was credited to a surgery. She has now a docket full of cases which she needs to preside over, however, she hasn’t given a single moment to these cases.

Local investigative reported did see Ms Davis going to the court on February 15th, but the commotion was only for gathering her paycheck. 

She has some financial woes of $35,000 federal tax, failure to pay her property taxes and even filing the chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2012. She even has appeared in the court several times as a defendant in cases she lost. She claims to be a very successful lawyer.

Davis accused the Chief Judge of some retaliatory business when she asked Davis to produce more firm evidence of her medical condition.

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