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Judge who ‘Didn’t show to Work’, now sues because ‘Chief Judge Won’t let her hear Cases’

The Machiavellian moves of Kahililia Yvette Davis ended when she accused Chief Judge of not letting her preside over cases. Ms Davis had recently been elected as District Court Judge in Michigan’s 36th district. At the time of taking the oath, she asked the competent authority if she could take a leave and go for a holiday, the answer was in negative.

Later, on the basis of medical reasons, she declared her inability to preside over cases as she didn’t want the other bench members to suffer from infection. She told the Chief Judge that she had a surgery which made her suffer from an infection.

So, this 36th District Court judge was seen visiting a gym and other social places despite suffering from an infection. She couldn’t work for the first three months of her tenure as a judge, as it took the 4th month, the media started to raise concerns. 

Judge Davis says no comments!

When approached by Fox 2 News Judge Davis said, “Excuse me, I’ve had surgery, I have a wound infection and an open wound. If you want a staph infection all over the courthouse, you might want that.

The no-show judge now sues Chief Judge:

In a recent update, Judge Davis is now suing Chief Judge for not letting her hear any cases. The remarks are being taken as a perfidious attack on Chief Judge. Judge Davis was told by her boss, “.. you, Judge Kahlilia Y. Davis, are hereby prohibited from presiding over any 36th District Court cases.

So, basically, Judge Davis can now go to 36th District Court but can’t hear any cases. Judge Davis has a history with financial matters, she hasn’t paid her Wayne County property tax. She has another history with the court as well, in the past, she was sued for $16000, a case which she lost.

Since Nancy Blount has barred her from hearing any cases, so Judge Davis is now going forward to sue her for her decision. Judge Davis’ attorney told the media that Chief Judge Nancy has used her power unfairly to bar Judge Davis.

This controversy continues to make news, we’ll keep you updated.

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