Judge calls for overhaul of marriage law that men must pay their ex-wives for life

According to the most senior family judge, there is an urgent need for reformation of the divorce law between the couples.

Sir James Munby, president of the family division of the High Court of England and Wales, demanded that there must be an overhaul of the marriage law.

According to him, it is absurd for a man to support his ex-wife and the future generations will laugh at this notion.

Moreover, he said that couples who cannot wait for two years for divorce consent have to get help by the manipulation of the law. They must give a reason for the breakdown i.e adultery or unreasonable behavior, which requires the allegations of blame. If they do not resort to this, then they must wait for five years.

He further called the system hypocrite and that it lacked intellectual honesty.

The law has remained the same without any objections since 1969 but it recently came under microscope in Tini Owens v Hugh John Owens, in which Tini Owens sought a divorce from her husband on ‘Unreasonable Behavior’ saying that she had an affair a few years ago and her old-school husband still treats her in a berated manner. But the court rejected her appeal for divorce stating that there was no reasonable ground. Now she has taken her case to the Supreme Court and Sir James is waiting with eager anticipation.

He added: “It is inconceivable that society will not in due course have righted this injustice, but how many more women are to be condemned to injustice while our master’s delay, constantly persuading themselves, presumably, that the time is not yet ripe?”

He is accused of meddling in the politics and being demanded to quit early.

The judicial system of United Kingdom is one of its kind with its historical precedents that influence the laws around the world. But in the same country, parliament is the supreme authority, which can pass laws. While Judges can merely interpret the law.

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