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Judge bars Trump from using $2.5B to build border wall

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Trump after assuming power in 2016 had categorically stated that he would be disallowing the illegal immigrants to stay in the America. One of the measures which Trump took to stop illegal immigrants from entering America was to build a border wall with the Mexican border. In this regards, recently a judge has barred Trump from using the $2.5 bn in military funding to build border wall. The US elections are about to happen next year and Trump is flexing his muscles to stand against DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) along with other actions like bringing peace in South-Asia and Middle East. Trump has also focused on building the wall to stop immigrants from Mexico. Recently, Trump tried to strong-arm Mexico by saying that he would start a trade-war with Mexico if their government would not implement policies to stop illegal immigrants from entering the USA.

A federal judge on Friday prohibited President Trump from using the $2.5 bn in military funding for building the border wall. Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr. in Oakland gave a verdict as a result of lawsuits filed by the activists in California. These activists had stated that the money transfer was unconstitutional and not for the benefit of the America. This group also claimed that building a wall would result into environmental degradation.

The decision upholds a critical point which can be used in future references, the point being, president has no power to allocate public tax money without getting the move approved by the Congress. The activists are of the opinion that this was a basic democratic right and the president failed to follow the enshrined basic principle by the constitution of America.

Trump was quick to comment on the decision, as he was attending a G20 meeting, he called the decision to be a disgrace. Obviously, he is going to appeal against the decision.

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