Joy Villa wears Grammys dress calling for Trump’s border wall

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Trump has taken a stance of America First and what he promoted during his campaign days, he has tried to implement those claims when he came into the power. He has single handedly taken America out of the many deals and has tried to put America’s interest upfront. The stance of Trump regarding the border wall has also effected some people in the media industry. Recently in the Grammys award, Joy Villa also called for Trump’s border wall. This singer has been called as pro-Trump because of her support for the stance taken by the Trump. She has recently voiced her support for the border wall.

Joy Villa wears pro-Trump dress and supports his policy

Joy Villa went to attend the 61st annual Grammy Awards and she was wearing a dress calling for the Trump’s border wall. She was inspiring two different looks which supported Trump stance of not allowing the illegal immigrants in America. The dress theme showed barbed wires which resembled the wires used on the border. The singer was happily carrying the Trump’s slogan which he used in his 2016 campaign.

The 27yo singer was happily carrying a bag which had an imprinted slogan “Make America Great” again, the symbol which was used during the Trump’s campaign.

The second dress which she wore was rather more vocal. There were bricks designed on the dress which signified the border wall, along with a message written on the dress calling for Trump to build the wall, the message read “Build the Wall.” She definitely gained much attention because of her support for the Trump, there are a lot of celebrities which aren’t in favour of Trump.

Villa had stood up in favour of the wall in the past as she called everyone to stand and garner the required favour for the wall in order to increase security.

In the past, Donald Trump had tried to strong-arm the democrats and that resulted into a government shutdown. This caused a lot of trouble for the federal agents who were employeed at the airports since they couldn’t get their salaries.

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