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Johnny Depp tries to wash away ex-wife’s alternate devil personality claim about him

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Johnny Depp has been starred in quite a famous movies. He indeed performed well in those movies which as a result brought some good business for the producing firm and directors. Therefore, he amassed a huge fortune in the Hollywood’s arena. The movie Pirates of the Caribbean is deemed as one of his master pieces. The actor really sat into the role of a pirate. The good thing about the actor is his ability to dwell inside the role, thus allowing him to live it. Amber Heard, the ex-wife of the actor had claimed that Depp had an alternate personality. Johnny was criticised because of her claims.

Johnny Depp tries to expunge the comments of his ex-wife

Johnny Depp like every sane person tried to expunge the comments of his ex-wife. He said that he had proof that he never used violence with his wife. The story after getting published made people criticise J.K Rowling for allowing an actor continue his role in Dangerous Beasts franchise. The people were of the opinion that the reports of physical-force usage of Johnny Depp with Amber Heard must have persuaded the producers to make Depp stop working on the movie projects.

The attorney of the actor in an interview to the media said that he had filed a proof which would absolve Depp from the claims of Miss Heard. He said that he had filed partial list of evidence which show that Johnny Depp had no alternate personality which loved violence.

Today we filed a partial list of evidence that we will use to disprove the fraudulent underlying allegations against Mr Depp. (said his lawyer)

The filing included dozen of video tape evidence. Also there were statements of the eye-witnesses. There were sworn affidavits and deposition transcripts from 2016. Heard had accused her husband of throwing a cellphone at her with force. She also said that he threw a magazine sized wine bottle at the wall and floor which was shattered to pieces. The documents filed in the court had statements of people claiming that they never saw any face mark on heard on 21st May of year 2016.

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