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John Wick video game has been confirmed officially

It is going to be a piece of good news for the video game fans of the John Wick movie series. Thomas Was Alone, and Volume developer Mike Bithell has confirmed that the fans would soon get their very own John Wick video game. The game is based on the movie plot of John Wick, and it includes fast-paced action-based missions, as we have learned from the ‘Gamespot.’ The game is called ‘John Wick Hex.’ It would be developed for unspecified consoles and PC. However, initially, the game would be restricted to Epic Games Store on PC and Mac at its launch.

Minds behind the film series cooperated with the developers of the game to expand its story universe. The official description of the game makes it clear that the players must choose their actions. It further states that every selected step has its own cost and consequence. Every move and decision in the game feels like a scene from the movie. It required precise strategic thinking.

The game features a story which is separate from the movie series. Just like the other video games, as players would take advanced missions, they would unlock more weapons and new suits. This feature is like the other games in which the urge of players to win rewards keep them into the game plot. Another press release has made it clear that the player of the game would need to choose his weapon of choice for a specific mission strategically. Every decision would have a different consequence. The ammunition is limited and realistically simulated. The reload time would deeply effect the success percentage of every mission.

The game in an attempt to offer an immersive experience used the voice over artists like Ian McShane and Lance Reddick. These artists have played significant roles in the John Wick franchise.

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