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John Cena says he’d totally take over as the next Captain America

Everyone knows this one guy named John Cena as he has earned quite a lot of fans during his long career. Well, people are eagerly waiting for Avengers 4 and there is a news out about Loki as well. People want to see the next part and the story which it takes. Now, any sane person can think that what might be the relation of John Cena with the Avengers and all the Loki talk. Well, there is a connection. A recent news has made this connection.

The teaser of the Avengers 4 is not out yet, however the teaser for Captain Marvel is out, a lot of people have given positive feedback about this Captain Marvel’s teaser. They believe that the movie would be a big hit. However, this can’t be taken on a same level which Avengers series earned. One reason of people eagerly waiting for this next part is the deaths which were shown in the Infinity Wars. People want to know about the future in the movie. However, Captain America is one mystery which outlived that series of character deaths.

Chris Evans has been accepted as Captain America. The acceptance of audience means a lot and this can be seen as a sort of legitimacy which these actors earn. The popularity of the actor is based on this acceptance meter. However sources have it that Chris Evans might make his last appearance in the Avengers 4.

Fans were a little sad after the above tweet was made by Evans. Many people were expecting him in the next series to come. One person on Instagram shared some update related to the Captain America. The actor John Cena. Well, he shared on the Instagram a cryptic photo of the Cap’s shield. There was no caption which lead the fans to think that he might be the one going on for this role. People started to talk about this idea and John Cena in his latest show with Ellen said:

If it’s out there, if the Captain America people are listening and you’re watching right now, I’d totally do it.

I totally will, because I think I’d be a good Captain America…and I’ve already ruined everyone’s childhood, so it can’t get any worse!

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