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John Cena apologises to the Rock after brutal comments about his career

John Cena has decided to say a few words of apology because he had once publicly given some awkward comments about the Rock. Just for sake of the information the two well known celebrities exchanged some barbs due to some scripted WWE plot. The two celebrities gave their utmost efforts to carry the conflict at that time, however, Cena feels a little bad at the moment.

Everyone who has followed WWE for some time understands that the Rock came for the game for a brief period of time. Rock has appeared in a lot of movies and because of this participation in Hollywood he couldn’t give the required time to WWE. Cena used this to attack Rock by calling him negligent of his fans wishes. He said that Rock was not giving enough time to fulfill the wishes of his fans.

Rock was apologetic in his recent interview regarding the Cena tirade

Cena was interviewed by the Comic Book and in that he revealed of feeling sorry about the Rock incident. He said that his gripes and intentions were accurate regarding the Rock, only when both of them were part of the WWE universe. He added that once someone is part of WWE universe then it’s the only thing which he can think about. Cena shared this notion by calling the WWE world fanatical and dedicated. He said that he wasn’t a part of it anymore, infact he was more into promoting Bumblebee.

Cena also made comments on the feelings of the viewers who watch WWE every week. He added that if someone misses the show for some reason then he definitely feels offended. He shared this feeling of the viewers based on his 15 years of WWE career, which made him create this logic. He said, “I’m sorry and I was wrong.

Once again, I was foolish, selfish, and ignorant, but it made for awesome TV. So at least we have that, and it’s a conversation that I’ve had with Dwayne multiple times, and something that I’m super comfortable about telling any interviewer. I was ignorant, I was wrong, and I’m sorry. (said Cena in the interview)

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