Jogger dismantles homeless man belongings and throws them in Lake

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Being homeless is not a choice. It is said that if you have clean water to drink, good food to eat and roof over your head – then thank God because you are living a better life than 70 percent people on earth. Having a good life is a mixture of hard work and luck, in other words, it is somewhat of a privilege.

Now how do we cherish if that privilege is upon us? The last thing one should be doing is making the life worse for people who are not privileged. Take this guy, for example, he just threw all of the stuff of the homeless man into the nearby water. The incident took place in Oakland.

Motives behind such absurdity:

Why did he perform something insane? This is beyond understanding. The only thing certain is that he is ignorant. Because no sane person in their right mind would do such a thing. However, whenever there are bad people in this world there are good. One person who happened to be walking by took notice of the whole situation and tried confronting. Despite the protest, the guy kept on doing his hideous act.

After messing up all of the stuff, he kept on jogging like it was nothing. His actions suggest that he is, in fact, a sociopath who has no regard for humanity. The video was recorded by another jogger and shared online and since then the video has gone viral. It has also started a social media movement on a massive scale and people are demanding actions against the culprit.

Watch Video: Man throws away stuff of homeless Person:

The culprit wanders somewhere freely – away from Police:

However, the individual still remains unknown. But authorities are looking for him to question him with a hope that he answers for his actions. People also came forward to help the homeless guy and bought him new stuff, which shows the bright side of the humanity.

Update: The man has been charged with second-degree robbery.

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