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Joe Biden promises cancer’s cure if elected president of the USA

Written by Logical Men

The presidential election of the America is on the corner and almost every American is busy in making preferences. The final choice of the candidates for every citizen would be different as that is a based on personal preferences of every individual, and how can be forget, democracy is all about freedom of choice. Joe Biden during a rally on Tuesday told the audience that he had a plan to offer cure for the cancer with collective efforts, only if he gets to elect as a president in 2020 election.

The son of Biden had succumbed to cancer and surely Biden has a strong stance to find a cure for the disease. He called that finding a cure for the disease was a single most important thing meant to change the America. He also condoled the sufferers of the cancer through his speech and told them he knew their pain.

Last year, people were speculating that Trump would not win, but democracy prevailed and Trump finally got a chance to serve the Americans. Not everyone like his policies, but yet he came to this position of the President of the America through general votes and public mandate. Democracy is all about giving voice to the people, it ensures that best leaders and lawmakers are selected through the votes of the people. The people choose their best candidate and make sure he wins the election.

It’s a basic understanding about democracy; when you’re running for the election, every citizen has the right to speak their mind, however, the free speech must not let influence the elections. We shouldn’t be allowed to elect people who don’t represent us. The curbing of the free speech should not be on the basis to influence the votes, influencing the votes is like taking away the power that’s given to the people by the government. 

On a lighter note, I believe that democracy is about allowing people to have the right to voice their opinion. Countries around the world need to have a fair and transparent system of elections that ensures that those who vote are satisfied by this process of election. For this, I believe that we need to have a free and open process to make sure that our elected officials are elected with the best interests of our people at heart, the same applies to any resident in the world.

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