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Jimmy Kimmel might make the Trumps lose $500,000 over a US customs violation

Written by Logical Men

We all know that Trump chanted “America First!” since the day he started campaigning for the office. All of Trump’s base believe him to be all American, a conservative guy, who wants America to be the industrial powerhouse it once was. The idea is certainly fascinating. Trump has been blaming all of the other countries for taking advantage of American stupidity, as he phrases it. When Trump went to China he congratulated their President Xi for being smart and taking advantage of the situation, he said it certainly was in best interest of their country. The first things he did after assuming the role of the President was to end NAFTA, claiming it was damaging American Industries. He has been making changes in the policies so that America’s industrial sector flourishes. The purpose of the major overhaul of the Tax system was to make it possible for big companies to bring back the money they have in overseas banks. The Tax Bill was bashed by many but was also cherished by many. Now the latest move that is being proposed is huge tariffs on Aluminum and Steel by the President. This has not been received well by the economists and other politicians, even by his own party. Paul Rayan openly warned the president that this move could do irreparable damage to the American economy.
Ironically, his own company named “TRUMP” has been getting their goods manufactured in China as well. Jimmy Kimmel on his famous show told the audience that he ordered some merchandise from their online store. When Trump took the office of the President, he left his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump in charge of the company, while Ivanka and her husband moved to Washington with Trump to assume their roles in administration. Jimmy Kimmel sarcastically called both of the sons “Hair stuck on Red, White and Blue”. He showed what he ordered in his show and most of the goods were marked with “Made in China”, which is required by law. Apparently, two of the goods didn’t have anything written on them that could have indicated the country of the origin, which is against the law. Jimmy Kimmel said he is going to file an official complaint, which could cost the Trump Organization to lose half a million dollars or even more. Let’s see what happens.

“This could be very expensive, not to mention embarrassing. Are they even capable of shame? I mean Trump’s whole platform is about American companies, his company isn’t even supporting America!” – Kimmel said

You’d probably enjoy the Kimmel’s comments on Trump:

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