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Jim Carrey’s new painting viciously attacks TRUMP’s sons, shows them getting killed

Jim Carrey, an actor known for some of the comedic hits of the decade like ‘Dumb and Dumber!’ and ‘The Mask’ has recently been mocking President Donald J. Trump through his strange art.

The latest subjects of his artistic work are the two sons of President Trump i.e Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

They were painted in a gruesome manner, the image shows both of them being gorged to death on the tusks of an elephant.

The painting shows two adult men hunting gears and hair like both brothers, which was tweed with the hashtag #TeamElephant. Both brothers are known to be hunting fans who like to keep trophies, pictures from their trip to Zimbabwe which included trophy hunting are present online.

This image may be the response to the decision taken by President Trump to repeal the Obama’s ban on elephant trophy hunting.

This is yet another one of Carrey’s artistic tweets that went viral since its upload with more than 10k retweets and 46k likes this week.

Many applaud Carrey, but it seems like not everyone was happy about it. One person revealed that he contacted the FBI and reported the actor for threatening the life of the president’s sons. The person then shared the screenshot from the FBI’s reporting site portal with a caption, ‘I had to notify the authorities’.

‘Elephants are amazing creatures. They are the gentle giants of the animal world,’ one woman wrote.

‘They mate for life, look out for their family, celebrate births and mourn their dead. We could learn plenty from them. These trophy hunters make me wonder who the real beast is.’

Jim Carrey new drawing

It looks like Jim Carrey is going hard on Donald Trump as he tweeted two new photos of him, which were also widely covered by the news and entertainment media.

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  • I find it ironic that Carrey, who bashed a movie he was in, Kick Ass 2, for being too violent, yet he depicts killings in this art. Just sayin.
    I ALSO understand there COULD be symbolism of the hunters getting tables turned on by the innocent prey, but in context with his feelings on Trump family, i doubt that’s the case he’s trying to make here.
    This piece was in bad taste, period.
    And, this comes from someone who is embarrassed & disgusted by the P.O.S. Trump & his entire family (who continues to ignore the constitution & use poiltical power to benefit their personal financial empire).
    But, c’mon! There is a line you don’t cross even if you disagree with people. And this “art” is borderline.

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