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Jim Carrey at Golden Globes with his new GF gets removed from film stars sitting area

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Jim Carrey is no doublt a world renowned actor who is well known because of his near-perfect comedy in certain films. The actor was recently nonimated for an award at Golden Globes which was meant for the TV actors. The Canadian man has confirmed at the awards that he has found the new love of his life. Yes, this is true and it can be heart wrenching for the single women who ever dreamt Jim Carrey. He found his love because of the television.

Actress Ginger Gonzaga and Jim Carrey were workong together on a TV show Kidding. The two after repeated acting takes and conversation understood that they were made for each other. Jim fell in love with Ginger. The chemistry between the two was obvious in the show, hence the spark lit the fire. The two actors debuted their newly formed relationship on the Golden Globes Awards ceremony. They wanted to go public and trust us both of them looked super cute on the red carpet. It felt like the two were made for each other.

Carrey got removed from his seat during the awards show

Carrey wasn’t expecting anything like this, getting removed from his seat, thus he went to the films section and sat there. The award show had started. The Golden Globe awards hosts couldn’t help but to make some fun about the career shift of Jim Carrey. Obviously being a comedian, Jim Carrey took it positively. In the opening speech, the two hosts pointed out that Jim Carrey was seated in the wrong place. According to them that particular sitting area was reserved for film stars.

Carrey was then approached by the security personnel. He took his dinner with him and said that he wouldn’t like to disturb film actors with his DNA. People in the audience were confused. They couldn’t make any sense out of these arguments.

Later, it was learned, it was a part of the skit

When the audience was worried, after some time it was learned that this was part of a skit. They actor was removed just to give some laughs to the audience, however the original plan failed and many in the audience disliked the move. However, there is a bright side, Carrey became the talk of the show.

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