Jennifer Aniston teases a re-union of ‘Friends’

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In a recent interview, the all-favourite Jennifer Aniston has once again made the fans of Friends excited. The season has already witnessed much of its fame and it’s time that the fans of the season want its sequel. The actress teased a re-union of the Friends cast while giving an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which was aired on Wednesday. 

The actress had made a guest appearance on the show to promote her new Netflix film with Adam Sandler, Murder Mystery. As usual the talk was diverted towards the Friends season, rather than towards the promotion of the intended movie. A question was asked from Aniston if the Friends cast would ever reunite on the screen again. The last episode of the sitcom was aired in 2004.

Aniston replied she would definitely do the season if offered a role in the sequel. She added the co-stars were also ready for acting in the remake. She said, “The girls would do it and the boys would do it, I’m sure. Listing, anything can happen.” The last line of her statement regarding the Friends is giving goosebumps to the fans. Aniston on a lighter note added that she would even do a re-union by herself.

Aniston also shared a sweet story about the Friends director James Burrows taking the cast on an excursion. There were six actors of Friends taken on a private plane. The group had a dinner at Spago in Caesars Palace and during the dinner, Burrows recommended the group to stick together as he believed the show was going to be quite successful (as the trip was taken prior to the release of the show). The picture of the trip was shared on the courteneycoxofficial Instagram account.

Later, during the excursion, the director handed the group of six actors 100 bucks each. He advised them to spend it in a casino as he predicted it to be there last anonymous trip to a casino. Later, the prediction of the director came out right, the actors were no longer anonymous, in fact every one around the globe started to know them post-season, Friends, release. The entire interview of the actor can be seen below:

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