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Jennifer Aniston is too busy to date, dislikes ‘being setup’

According to Fox News, the popular actress, Jennifer Aniston is pretty busy to date. She doesn’t have time to go out with someone.

Jennifer Anniston gained her popularity through a tv series named Friends. People of every age group just loved the actress in her role. She was invited in The Howard Stern Show in which the anchor questioned her about dating life. The actress quipped that she was too busy to date.

Yeah, and I’m very busy, For now. I’m promoting [‘The Morning Show’]. I’m prepping for next season.

Stern, 65, offered Jennifer Aniston to set her up; however, she was pretty quick to decline the gracious offer. She cleared her views on the topic in a pretty clear tone. She declined the offer with remarks that she never liked being setup.

Hey, listen, I just don’t like being set up, I don’t like it. I hate it.

Jennifer Aniston is offer praised for her non ageing beauty

What’s the relationship and dating history of Jennifer Aniston?

Our super gal has dated many high profile individuals. Brad Pitt tops the list. The two ended marriage in 2005. She was also married to Justin Theroux. Previously she dated John Mayer and Vince Vaughn.

Looking at all these names, it appears Jennifer is pretty fun to be around in real time. She has a cool personality and an appearance which can easily make anyone have a crush. This year, Jennifer made a revelation. She said that she had a huge crush on Steve Carell. She called him a silver fox.

He’s like a silver fox now, And he just came in and no one expected, you know … everybody was so cute, and he’s so shy and fantastic.

Jennifer said that Carell has gotten better with age. The statement shows that the actress is pretty much clear and straight forward when it comes to crushes and lovers.

Jennifer while posing for a camera during a promotional event

Friends show contributed to her popularity. However, after appearing in different movies and proving her on screen eligibility the actress has successfully walked the path of fame.

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