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Jennifer Aniston breaks the internet after her new Instagram account

Jennifer Aniston’s fans had been waiting long for her to get an Instagram account. The wait is finally over and Aniston debuts with an Instagram account. She is one of those actresses who is most talked about, from her personal life to her upcoming movies. Despite her increasing age, the actress has failed to lose her charm. She is equally wanted in all circles of all ages.

This wouldn’t be a huge deal for most celebrities who enter Hollywood and instantly make a social media account. However, this is something important in the case of Aniston. She is one of those people who are social media shy.

Jennifer Aniston poses on Red Carpet during Toronto Film Festival

Why is Aniston so late to the Instagram party?

Jennifer Aniston became pretty popular in 90s, all thanks to her popular TV show Friends. Later, when the show ended, Aniston was not just ready to keep on working the same way through the same kind of role. She continued to challenger herself with different roles and different sort of movies.

However, in all the process she kept herself pretty away from the news circles. Although the media was pretty happy to find new stuff about Aniston, but she was not ready to give her away to the media or to the social media in general. She is the star who has no verified social media presence, until today.

At the Channel Dinner celebrating Our Majestic Oceans – June 2, 2018

Aniston at occasions had stated that social media only contributed to more pressure and negative energy. She was persistent that in order to maintain her sanity, she chose to stay away from the social media. However, on October 15th, 2019 all those previous claims seem to have ended.

Jennifer Aniston makes her new Instagram account

A Twitter user alexsangels_doi made sure to record attempts of following Aniston on the Instagram. Unfortunately the social media platform faces a little troubles as the followers frequency was pretty high. When someone tried to follow Aniston, errors like the profile is not yet available appeared.

The follow button stopped working for Aniston. It appears that her new Instagram account is regarding her new Apple TV+ show. She seems to be present on the Instagram for professional reasons. Now, readers must be wondering what kind of photos she first uploaded on her account. Have a look at her first picture:

Aniston is about to return to a new television show, The Morning Show. The show is already highly anticipated. She would be reportedly making $1.1 million per episode for the new show. It would make appearance on the new streaming service. It appears that the show is somewhat of a gamble for Apple.

The streaming service is going to be offered by Apple and since it’s pretty new; therefore, everyone must be counting on the stardom of Aniston to get it working. Jennifer was right, social media is a pressure.

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