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[Video] Japan’s Latest Relaxation Therapy – Looks Pretty Insane

Written by Wamiq Ali

Japan is mostly known for bringing out something new in the life. Whether those are toys or are related to psychological therapies. In recent years I’ve read a lot of news showing what japan can do in terms of their innovations.

This time japan brought out another form of therapy. This relaxation therapy has broken the internet for its weird nature. I can’t even call it a relaxation therapy for the actions and postures it includes. They named it Otonamaki.



Otonamaki is a sort of adult wrapping which includes wrapping an adult in the fetal position. Japanese call it a holistic therapy. The doctors think that this therapy can solve the posture problems and stiffness. Well, if I’m wrapped in such a cloth, I’ll probably tear it apart, no offence. 

One of the Otonamaki providers told BBC and we are quoting the same:

“The reason why Otonamaki was invented was because some people were worried about babies struggling or feeling claustrophobic while being wrapped up. We thought if adults were rolled up like them, they could experience how good it feels.”

Customers on the other hand have given positive reviews, telling that this gave them relaxation in their back and they felt protected. After several hours therapy they felt better and lighter.

Well, what so ever it is, this is pretty new and quick different to digest. Do share your views in the comments, and let us know what you think.

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