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Japanese train company seeks apology for ‘unjustifiable’ 25 seconds early departure

(Japanese President, Shinzo Abe on the right)

25 seconds seem so little to ordinary people but not to a company in Japan – the company issued an official apology for leaving merely 25 seconds earlier than its given time.

They called it ‘great inconvenience’, which happened on West Japan Railways at Notogawa Station, in Shiga – a train mistakenly left the platform on 7:11:35 instead of 7:12 on Friday.

The conductor of the train misunderstood the time and thought it was 7:11, because of which he shut the doors close ahead of time.

Upon realizing his mistakes, he decided to leave anyway instead of reopening the doors for passengers, because apparently there were no passengers to be seen but according to the report there were people who were intending to get on the train.

Apparently, one of the passengers who couldn’t board the train passed the complaint to a station attendant who took the information onto JR West headquarters.

Upon finding out about the genuine mistake had effected the passengers, they issued an apology.

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JR West said: ‘The great inconvenience we placed upon our customers was truly inexcusable.

‘We will be thoroughly evaluating our conduct and striving to keep such an incident from occurring again’.

The next train arrived only six minutes after the first train left few seconds earlier.

This is one of the many incidents which show how Japanese culture is unique and polite to other people, if it was any other country this mistake wouldn’t even have been acknowledged let alone issuance of an apology.

Every company’s first priority should always be their customers, which is demonstrated by the sheer compassion and empathy of the staff to their passengers.

Some people took it to the internet to joke about their own countries’ rail system, among whom one person sarcastically complained that if this was UK there wouldn’t have been an apology, because the trains over there never leave on time.

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