Japan defeats U.S. and wins Pacific Nations Cup

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Japan has won Pacific Nations Cup after team US failed to secure it; as 2019 World Rugby Pacific Nations Cup took place in SUVA, Fiji. Japan along with the US was fortune enough to reach the final and luckily it secured its victory with 34-20 over the US.

Team Japan appeared to be in a strong shape for this prestigious rugby cup. The body language of the players seemed to be pretty much confident. Japan started the tournament with wins against Fiji and Tonga. Jamie Joseph’s (Japan’s team coach) men performed well against Fiji and Tonga by securing a win through 34-21 and 41-7 respectively. The margin against Tonga was pretty amazing. It appears that the team is well prepared for the upcoming world cup. Japan had won the same title back in 2011. Later in 2014, it shared its title with Samoa. These victories puts Japan into the top 10 and rivalry in the six Pacific rim countries now increases for the upcoming World Cup.

Japan had to be smart and frisk in order to counter the heigh advantage of the Americans. The final few minutes of the game added quite different moves from the Japanese players to counter the size dominance of the larger Americans. Michael Leitch said that the team had been preparing for the wining moment since February. According to the captain, Leitch, all the hard work paid off in the shape of the victory.

On the other hand, team US also played pretty well and gave tough competition to the Japanese players. Gary Gold, the team’s coach, said that the preparation of the team US was on right track despite the score card against Japanese. According to him, despite the best practice, team US lost and it was about to serve as a good lesson for the players, which on learning from their mistakes would prove to be winners. Gold said that he was proud of his boys who fought till the last moments of the game. 

The entire match can be watched: Japan Vs USA Final 2019 Pacific Countries Rugby Cup

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