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Jack Black accidentally creates Distracted Boyfriend meme in real life

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary a meme can be described as an ideal behaviour or style which spreads from a person to a person within a culture or in other words it can also be described as an amusing or interesting thing which has the ability to spread on its own. Memes as everyone knows have started to capture the attention of the internet audience since the very past few years. After the advent of Facebook there was no trend of memes however, some thoughtful people decided to use certain clips for snapshots from within the movies or other sources of videos while captioning it to give it some sort of hilarious or meaningful outcome. The trends of memes developed over time and today if you go to some database of memes then you might be able to find millions of templates and meaningful viral images which are being used in the creation of these image based memes. Every meme has a unique name and if you had been connected to the social media in the past few months then you might have come across a ‘distracted boyfriend meme’.

The distracted boyfriend meme can be another world called as a phenomenon in which the men look at the other women, particularly when they are already in a relationship or when their girlfriend is nearby. Particular templates of this distracted boyfriend phenomena went viral which one can commemorate after looking at this meme below. This particular templates originated when it was submitted as a meme and uploaded to a Trukish Facebook group in somewhere around here 2015. This was taken by a photographer Antonio in the year 2015 and was uploaded to the istock for the photo database. Some meme creator decided to use it on the topic of distracted boriends and there we go, a viral meme template was born that day. This template got an accidental viral boom when it was uploaded on an profile of an Instagram user.

Jack Black recreates this popular meme accidentally

Everyone knows Jack black was born in 1969 and is also known as JB. the guy is a popular American who is known for his various career streams as an actor comedian or even a musician and song-writer. So the actor was filming the next Jumanji movie and while he was walking through the east Atlanta village, he accidentally made up the plot for this distracted boyfriend meme. The Twitter just went nuts when the video of this incident got uploaded by someone on the social media and just like every other story this too had a potential to get viral and so it did.

In the video of couple can between walking by on the roads and the boyfriend got distracted by the presence of Jack black and he must have been thinking that is that really JB. When he got surprised, at that particular moment Jack Black actually without knowingly created the distracted boyfriend meme. This might not be making a sense to the readers but this is the collective stance which the internet took, over this one video and we are not the one who are actually calling it as a distracted boyfriend phenomena.

Jack black also eats at various restaurants in Atlanta and other than eating he also sings different songs with the street performers of the area. If you are interested in finding out his adventures while filming the Jumanji movie then you must check out this video which the JablinskiGames channel has uploaded on the YouTube.

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