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Ivanka Trump called out for ‘COSPLAYING’ as a scientist in latest weird photo Op

Written by Logical Men

Donald J Trump changed the face of the politics as we knew since he took office. Things that we never expected to happen, happen every single day. Ivanka Trump is involved in many of the decisions made by the President.

When her father became the President, she said on record that she was not interested in joining her father’s administration. But later she went and did the exact opposite, I guess this kind of thing runs in their family. The first ever criticism she got was that she didn’t have the qualifications for the job she held at Whitehouse.

Her level of involvement in the administration and decision making of the President is not in line with the custom of American politics. She gets the criticism here and there but there few incidents where internet broke discussing her.

Last Monday was one of those days, where Ivanka Trump played a scientist for a tv show while she was down in Iowa promoting the Trump’s infrastructure ideas.

The twitter went nuts over the pictures, saying that she has no qualifications in the infrastructure and yet she posed like that. Her picture was turned into an internet meme overnight. This is the best way for the people to share their frustration.

And rightly so, she is not qualified for what she is doing. Her only qualification is that she is the daughter of a President whose craziness knows no bounds.

The same thing happened in South Korea, she got a lot of criticism but as it turns out, she is not the one who would listen to her critics.

This whole Whitehouse administration looks like the show “The Apprentice” and it is making everyone angry. This whole scenery looks so strange.

The thing is that these tweets are sad and hilarious at the same time.

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