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“It: Chapter 2” trailer released, can become a top horror movie

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It: Chapter two will be released in theatres in the month of September. Everyone is hoping that It would become one of the best horror movies after its release. The claim of It: Chapter 2 as a horror intensive movie can only be proved once it is released. Warner Bros has released the trailer of It: Chapter 2, around 100 days ahead of its release; the trailer was much anticipated, already.

Sequel of the movie takes place 27 years after the initial release, It: Chapter 1, as in the movie young kids are shown who come across a supernatural force named as It. Two hours after the trailer was released, it obtained quite a lot of traction. For instance, only on Twitter it obtained 1.6 million views. It: Chapter One earned a good response, back in the days. The collective business of three days was $123 million, from the day one of its release. Comscore reported that the movie earned $700 million globally during its run. It’s a pretty good amount if compared with other movies in the same horror genre.

Im addition to earning a good business, It: Chapter One also had the best September opening day, best September opening weekend and best September release film of all the time. If someone wants to have an idea regarding the business difference between chapter one and chapter two then Avengers can give an idea. Avengers: Endgame witnessed a huge bump in its earnings as compared to the first part. Likewise it can be anticipated that It: Chapter Two would also have a good business as compared to It: Chapter One.

It is based on the famous novels of Stephen King. On his Twitter account, King endorsed the chapter two of the movie, by tweeting, “I’ve seen it, it’s terrific.”

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