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Israel chooses site in Golan Heights to be named after Trump

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Israel and Trump appear to be in good relations. In the past three years, Trump has showered many favours to the Israeli establishment. One of the significant moves which Trump made in support of Israel was to recognise Jerusalem as its capital. Further, America also recognised Golan Heights as a territory of Israel. Golan Heights stood disputed since 1967 as, before it, the region was in control of Syria. However, after the six-day-war, Syria lost the land to Israel. The international community was always wary of Israel’s claim regarding the Golan Heights.

The Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that he has chosen a site in the Golan Heights to be named after President Trump. He wants to honour the American president for helping Israel in the time of crisis. Israel had annexed Golan Heights in 1981 after taking its control in 1967. The US along with some other major powers had not recognised the Israel claim on the area.

Relations of the United States with Israel are not quite old, between the year 1976 to 2004, Israel was the largest recipient of the American aid. America also gives political support to Israel, as the latter has used Veto power of America concerning some resolutions regarding its interest. Critics claim that Israel is a strategic ally of America as it helps the US to maintain its presence in the middle east. When Trump was elected as the president, Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intention to lift all the restrictions on construction in the West Bank. Further, in 2017, the US announced that it would open its first permanent military base in Israel.

In addition to these diplomatic and political ties, Ilhan Omer, a congresswoman, has often criticised the American support for Israel. She had often suggested that this support is against the human rights of Palestinians.

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