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Iron Man responds to NASA offering him rescue right in the space

Avengers trailer is out and they are naming it as Avengers: End Game, everyone is quite worried to learn about the Thanos in the previous part. Thus, the next part is in great anticipations. Just in when the trailer got released, Iron Man aka Tony Stark was shown floating in the space. He was ready to give himself to the cold and dark space, away from the ring of life in which the earth resides. Thus, as he was floating away because the oxygen levels were low, he was trying to record a message to be sent back home to his girlfriend.

People sought NASA to help Iron Man

The trailer was intense and people had no other option than to seek NASA’s help for saving their favourite Iron Man. Thus, they went to the Twitter and started to tag NASA in the posts, seeking them to rescue Tony Stark from the cold and dark space. Surprisingly NASA responded.

NASA responds on Twitter using their official account to offer some help to the Tony Stark

The trailer took a hilarious turn when NASA actually responded to the requests of the people. Obviously being a government run organization they just couldn’t ignore the demands of the people. Thus they gave up and wrote a message for the Iron Man.

Days after, Iron Man responds to the NASA’s help

Just days after NASA had decided to lend a hand for saving the Tony Stark. The actor decided to reply to NASA using his own official Twitter account. Thus, he responded to the help of NASA and something which started in a humorous way became a conversation between NASA and Tony Stark.

Tony Stark responds to NASA

Robert Downey Jr used his own official account to give a response to NASA. In the tweet he wrote, “It’s always good to know NASA has your back.

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