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Ireland takes the plunge, legalises ‘Medicinal Cannabis’ to treat pain

Ireland has just legalized the use of medicinal Cannabis and a 3-month license for the use tetrahydrocannabinol has to be issued to a person who experiences constant pain. Definitely doctors and selected specialists will scrutinize the use of such a treatment through medicinal Cannabis.

The decision has been taken after finding that tetrahydrocannabinol is the dominant psychoactive constituent in Cannabis. It is worth keeping in mind that it is the second time where Ireland has taken and backed up such a decision.

Last year the first licence of such a nature was approved. It was issued after the case of a 3-year-old Tristen Forde, who suffered severe epilepsy. Though this time the licence is more motivated to provide relief to those who face severe pain.

People from all around the globe are admiring Ireland for carrying out and testing a decision which seems to be quite controversial in nature. The department of chronic pain Ireland has also released the guidelines using which consumer can take the medicinal cannabis. The intended patient cannot smoke the substance directly but he is expected to take it with tea or through vaping.

If some doctor or Medical personnel want to prescribe his patient the use of medicinal cannabis then he has to initiate a case and forward it to the minister of health of Ireland. This particular guideline can be found under the section 14 of the misuse of drugs act. After the minister of health and the concerned individuals approves the case and application then a trained medical professional visits the patient and prescribes a specific dosage of the medicinal cannabis.

Then he keeps the patient in a probation period and carefully monitors his health parameters. Search a patient is then kept under continuous medical supervision.

You might be thinking that what exactly motivated the Irish government to take such a decision? You must know that 20% of Irish population suffer from chronic pain and almost 40% report that they are not satisfied with the inadequacy of the treatment which they are currently receiving. In 2016 the minister of health had stated that the government is going forward to plunge into the medicinal cannabis approval for general public usage.

The above are the instructions and guidelines for medical personals to apply for the use of medicinal cannabis for their patients.

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