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Irate Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancé openly rejects Trump invitation to White House

Written by Logical Men

Jamal Khashoggi’s life loss was poignant and totally condemnable. The guy was reported lost after his visit to the Saudi Consulate Office in Turkey. He accompanied his fiancé when he had visited the consulate office. Hours after he didn’t return, she decided to contact the authorities. He was reportedly missing. When the controversy escalated, Saudi Arab was forced to released a statement regarding the Jamal’s disappearance. At first, Saudi Arab utterly disregarded the disappearance of Jamal and a statement categorically explained that the Saudi officials had no clue about the whereabouts of the missing journalist.

Later, with the intervention of Turkey’s intelligence. It was found that the journalist was able to enter the consulate office of Saudi Arab but he never exited. Since it was a consulate office, Saudi Arab was asked to open an investigation. Later, Muhammad Bin Salman released a statement that Jamal had been involved in a row when he entered the consulate office. As a result, he lost his life and this was a mistake. MBS promised to indict the person responsible for the mistake. They dubbed this as a mistake.

Trump as a result corroborated that statement of MBS. He said that America believes the investigation of Saudi Arabia. Spain and France refused to hold their trade with Saudi Arabia. Germany on the other hand shows some reservation and said that it will not resume its weapon trade with Saudi Arabia unless Jamal’s investigation takes some meaningful turn.

Fiancé of Jamal was recently interviewed by Haber Turk. It is a Turkish television network. She said that the statements issued by Trump after the reports of Jamal going missing and after the Saudi’s investigation were totally different. He made those statements to please certain people. She told CNN in an interview that she would not be going to United States to visit White House. She said that she could only think of visiting America if Trump’s administration decides to conclude the investigation of Jamal Khashoggi in its true spirit.Hatice Cengiz said that should would consider the offer only when US would contribute something to find out the happening inside the consulate office that day when Jamal was eliminated in a brutal manner.

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