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Iran’s Reaction: Fires 20 rockets at ISRAEL from SYRIA in first direct attack ever

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ISRAEL has bombed Iran’s bases in Syria killing ‘at least 23 Syrian and non-Syrian fighters’ with 70 missiles as a revenge for the Iran’s strike.

Tension increase as Iran and Israel exchanged blows on the Syrian border overnight – it is terrifying because this is the first time Iran has directly attacked Israel.

20 rockets were launched by Iranian forces last night, from Syria at Israel’s front-line military standpoint in the Golan Heights, according to the Israeli military report.

Israeli strikes killed at least 23 people though fighter jets that bombarded military bases, munitions warehouses and intelligence centers, after Israel stoked fears of a war by warning: ‘If it rains in Israel it will pour in Iran.’

The strikes by Israel were carried out with 98 percent precision were a direct response the 20 rockets that were sent toward Israeli military’s way by Iran.

In the attack by Israel 5 Syrian soldiers, including two commanding officers, and 18 militia fighters were killed, according to a UK-based Human Rights Observatory for Syria.

According to the Observatory the targeted location was Lebanese Hezbollah group.

This came merely hours after Trump announced to pull out of the Iran deal.

Israel claimed that their strikes were a mere response of the missiles at the Jewish state’s defensive line, which were fire by Iran.

All the rockets that were sent by Iran were destroyed by the Israel’s Defence system and no single Israeli military person was injured, according to Israeli military report.

Israel’s minister of defence Avigdor Lieberman told: ‘I want to warn of arrogance. There was no sweeping victory tonight. This is not the Battle of Stalingrad.’

‘It was a limited confrontation and should be confined to it and not expanded.’

UK’s PM Theresa May ‘condemned’ Iran’s actions and called President Putin to convince Assad regime to put an end to it future plan of attack.

According to her spokesman May said: ‘Israel has every right to defend itself.’

‘We call on Iran to refrain from any further attacks and for calm on all sides. We call on Russia to use its influence in Syria to prevent further Iranian attacks.’

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