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Internet is trolling Flat-Earthers with these 10 hilarious memes

Written by Logical Men

Flat-Earthers is like a cult which wants to prove that the earth is flat and not a somehow round object. This group is not ready to believe the scientific evidence of the earth’s roundness. They feel like NASA is attempting to troll them with fake publications of earth roundness. However, in 1492 New-land, today America was solely discovered because of this believe of Columbus regarding the roundness of earth. Pythagoras was the man who proved the roundness of earth way back in the greek era.

1# When every planet is round, why was earth left flat?

This logic is pretty much right, if other planets are damn round then how can earth be so flat.

2# All round the “globe” – read it slowly

3# Flat earth would have a flat shadow on Moon, no?

Lunar eclipse happen and those are round in nature. However, someone photoshopped a lunar eclipse of a flat-earth on the moon. Pretty innovative.

4# The reason dinosaurs were eliminated – throwing away effect

Poor dinosaurs never knew they lived on a flat earth, one day a meteorite created enough of the striking force which caused the poor animals to drift in space. Obviously this isn’t true because aliens are not dinosaurs.

5# Earth is flat, then why not sun can be a star?

This kind of star for sake of sun must be made by someone from a high school. Anyone can remember such stars which teachers used to give for praising homework assignments.

6# Real Earth has Curves 

Real earth has curves like just ladies. Well, this is one old meme which is often related to the women but this has been presented in a new way to troll the flat-earth supporters.

7# Day on earth all around the 24 hours

Thinking a little logically reveals that the day and night on earth come only because of the earths rotation around the sun. Since earth is round that is why the shadow and light come in turn during 24 hours.

8# Flat brain society – synonymous to flat earth society according to this meme

According to this meme maker the flat earth society is quite synonymous to flat brain society. This is one funny meme which uses to logics in a different way while connecting them in a similar manner.

9# If world is round, then why a flat map?

This is true logic (ironically), quite funny in reality. Some kid must have asked this one question which is not a proof of a flat earth. It reminds of old school days when such questions were raised in kids class.

10# Future would hold glory

Future would hold glory but who knew that 2018 would be a totally different year. When people would emerge who would claim earth to be flat.

Note: Earth is definitely round and almost every scientific proof points in this direction. However, these memes were shared for fun and sarcastic purpose. It wasn’t mean to hurt anyone.

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