‘International Comparison’ suggests reasons behind burgeoning ‘US Mass Shootings’

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Findings have been presented from several studies which examined if there is a correlation between guns and mass shootings, from a global perspective.

Americans amount to 4.4 percent of the total world’s population but account for a staggering number of 42 percent of the total world’s gun.

The findings are presented by Max Fisher and John Killer, both of whom are writers for the New York Times.

Credits: Source: Adam Lankford, The University of Alabama (shooters); Small Arms Survey (guns). Note: Includes countries with more than 10 million people and at least one mass public shooting with four or more victims

Factors that don’t correlate: Often mental health problems are attributed to mass shootings, if it made the difference, then data would give proof that Americans have more mental health problems than other countries with fewer mass shootings. But all the mental health statistics are in line with those of rich nations. Merely in 4 percent cases, mass shootings can be genuinely attributed to mental health issues, according to a 2015 study. Same is the case regarding video games, racial diversity and social cohesion; there is a very little correlation between the previously mentioned things and gun fatalities.

A violent country: The United States has more death rates than similarly developed countries e.g. UK and Canada, which also corresponds with the difference between firearm ownership.

Comparison with other societies: People who are skeptical of gun control often quote a study from 2016. It shows a comparison of the mass shooting death rate in the US (1.5 per one million people) with Switzerland (1.7 per one million) and Finland (3.4 per one million), suggesting that mass shooting in the US are not so uncommon. But the same study shows that the US had 133 shooting as compared to 18 in Finland and one in Switzerland, which means they are a matter of routine in the United States.

Beyond the Statistics: A study shows that in 2013 the rate of deaths related to guns included 21,175 suicides, 11,208 homicides and 505 deaths caused by an accidental discharge of the weapon, and the same year Japan seen only 13 deaths related to guns.

The difference in Culture: In United States guns are seen as a fundamental right, it is more of a cultural thing. That is the main reason the gun laws are so ridged.


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