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Intelligent photographer reverses gender roles in vintage ads for gender-parity

Written by Logical Men

Gender parity is under discussion in the modern times. There were a few waves of Feminism which started in history. These waves or movement of Feminisim were focused on fighting for the rights of the women in one way or the other. The very first wave which had started in the early 20th century was focused on attempts to make woman earn their suffrage and property rights. The period of the first wave of feminism ranged between 1900s to 1950s. The second wave of feminism starts onward and ends at around 1980s. This was more focused on inequalities in family, workplace and other official legal inequalities. The third wave helped women earn some individualism.

After these three waves, starts the forth and the current present situation in which #meToo campaign is quite focal. Women don’t want misogyny in any form. Hence, those vintage ads of the past need a change.

Note: These all pictures are reproduced by Eli Rezkalla. TalkOfWeb doesn’t own these pictures in any way.

Credits: Eli Rezkalla

These ads are reproduced by elirezkallah who wanted to give the world some sense of gender parity. Watching it from the lens of a woman would make the visitors feel more sense.

Credits: Eli Rezkalla

One person wrote beneath this picture at that this was both wrong either ways. No gender could take place of each other in such a manner without inciting negative emotions in the sensible people.

Credits: Eli Rezkalla

Something to be noted in this remake is that the guy has been remodelled as a cow. The reason behind this remake is not obvious.

Credits: Eli Rezkalla

Being supportive to each other is not something related to gender. This is necessary for both the gender to support each other as something like this should also reflects in day to day relations.

Credits: Eli Rezkalla

This ad focuses on making women get out of the kitchen sooner after washing the dishes. However, washing dishes is not a gender specific job, this is something which every person who is a hygiene conscious has to do with his life.

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