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How to: Install Windows on a MAC

Installing windows on a MAC is possible. There are some programs which are just available for windows. Being a Mac user you can often get handicapped because of this software choice. Suppose, you are a student and you want to run some compiling software but damn, you are on a mac and you don’t have windows, and the bad thing is that software only runs on windows. Now, you must be feeling quite lost. But don’t worry you can learn how to install windows on a mac either that is iMac or else a Mac Book Pro. You can always run windows programs in a mac. The approach doesn’t need you to be techy instead if you are not a smart computer user still you can install windows on a mac.

I am going to let you know how to install a virtual windows on a mac, you will be able to run windows above OS X. I have tried that on MacBook Pro i7 version, and the windows works flawlessly over that! You will be able to do anything you used to do before on a windows PC. However, there will be a sort of resolution issue. The things on windows will look a bit smaller and this is because of a really huge resolution of your MAC. But don’t worry things will still be under control.

Install Windows On a Mac:

You need to get a virtualization software to run windows, I am going to use Parallels Desktop. You will need to purchase the software but here is a good thing about parallels desktop, you can use it free as a trial for a week. Then its upto you that whether you want to purchase the software or not in order to run windows on a mac.

1- Download Parallels Desktop – You need to get a trial copy of parallels desktop, they will send you the trial key to your email address so don’t forget to signup for parallels desktop once you re trying to install the software.

2- Install it on your Mac, after getting parallels desktop installed you are going to need the .iso version of the windows. An .iso file is a archive format used to write on disks. You can get one from the internet, just google it or else you can also order at the microsoft website, but be sure that the file format is in .iso because you will need a .iso file to get the windows installed on the virtualization. (You can install windows from other means also, like a DVD or a USB)

3- Run Parallels desktop and go to File>>New. Select the operating system which you want to install. Select the source from which you need the windows to be installed, it can either be a usb, DVD or else an image file like I said before an .iso file.

4- The next steps are easy and it will not be a problem following the instructions. In the step 5 it will ask you how you want to be windows installed on a mac, either inside mac or else a standalone installation. Choose the second option, since a standalone installation will give you complete windows interface while the first one will run windows applications right inside OS X. Choose “Like a PC“.

5- Proceed next with the common options and in the end choose a name for the virtual machine setup and also choose a place where you want the storage files of this virtual machine to be stored. Next proceed with the common windows installation and everything will be like windows onwards After installation just stretch the windows of your virtual machine to full screen and now you can feel like using a windows PC on a mac.

6- You can either install windows 7 or windows 8 on your mac, you can also go with other operating systems like Linux or android or even chrome OS on your MAC. Simple way to use operating system based softwares on your mac.

That is a screenshot below, a mac book pro running windows:

Macbook on Windows

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