“Instagram Model” calls security ugly piece of shit, ‘You are ugly, irrelevant, I make more money than you.’

I don’t know whether it was a publicity stunt or an actual happening, but definitely, the security guys weren’t feeling good about the humiliation they suffered. This Instagram model has barely 27k followers and we won’t be mentioning his username in the article but he called himself famous and rich. The video though mentions his name and identity.

Looks like the guy wasn’t given an entry by the security guys, so he blasted on the poor guys and reminded them of their ugliness. He told them that they should stop treating everyone like dogs. He called the guys an ugly piece of shit and mentioned them again and again about him being richer than the security guys. He said, “I’m famous and you are not, so listen to me….I make a lot more money than you”. The security guard replied, “That doesn’t make you better than anyone”.

He then called them peasant and asked them rudely to get off his face. The guy totally got the attraction of the gathered people and some of those people told him that his actions weren’t cool and he was making a mistake. However, the dude was persistent on getting angry and mad at the security guards.

The dude name is Christian Burns and if you fire up a quick Instagram search then you might find the guy. The guy barely has 27k followers and someone pointed out that it’s about 0.000009% (approx, you can do the math and correct me) of the earth’s population. So, this makes him fairly I mean barely famous. The guard kept on laughing because he knew he could dismantle the guy.

Watch the video and I hope he learns his lesson soon, even if he was doing that for fun and to get some popularity.

The guy’s profile is currently inactive on Instagram and we got reports that people were blasting his Instagram with hateful comments. It looks like the guy was self-obsessed with himself.

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