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Instagram influencer melts down after account gets deleted

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Social media has given an outlet to everyone who wants to produce and upload content for sake of making a following. Many people often struggle to find followers, some after years of hard work are able to gather millions of followers. Among these some people are a few who are not able to maintain their accounts on social media because they fail to follow the terms of usage. Recently an Instagram influencer had a melt down on YouTube in which she begged people to stop reporting her account as it got deleted by the Instagram executives.

Jessy Taylor had racked up 113,000 followers on the site after her account got deleted. She shared the video of her reaction on YouTube when she realised that her account was no more. In the video she stated that she tried to contact everyone she thought would be able to help her get back her account.

The influencer wiped her tears in the video and said that she was nothing without her followers. She seemed devastated after the loss. Instagram is a picture sharing platform which can be used anywhere in the world, she was in LA when she tried to use her account and that was when it got deleted.

According to her, the account got deleted because people kept reporting her every post. She said that the reason behind their particular behaviour was not clear. She said that she tried to be a better person but it was of no use. The people who reported her account should have thought twice because they kind of ruined her life, narrated the influencer while wiping her tears.

She said that she knew there were people who wanted her to do the 9-5 job thing and they wanted her account gone. She said that it wasn’t her cup of tea, waking up and going to office every single day. She used to work as a ‘working girl’ before becoming an Instagram influencer.

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