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Inspiring wounded war veteran opens business for sole purpose of employing other vets

There are lesser people who have that thing to help others in need. This Army veteran surely has a big heart and that is why he decided to open a business in order to employee The other Army veterans so that they may earn an honourable living.

This guy suffered a devastating explosion back when he was serving in Iraq and that was near to death experience. Now he believes that the God kept him alive because of some certain reason and that reason was to give back to the humanity.

He had faced an explosion in Iraq which killed the rest of the man in his Army vehicle. 38% of his body got burned severely.

Picture courtesy, PEOPLE

He received more than 40 surgeries and now he wants to return the gratitude by opening a restaurant that will employ the other veterans.

I’m trying to give back, this is a great way to do it, through empowerment and food.” Henline tells in one of his interviews to PEOPLE.

He plans to serve the people with hamburgers in his restaurant, he said, “I love hamburgers, when I travel, I’ve always got to find that hole-in-the-wall burger place. They’re one of the joys of life.

In 2007 he was deployed in Iraq, he was travelling with his fellow army people when the car was blown up using a road side bomb. There were 5 people inside the vehicle and Bobby Henline was the only one to survive.

He was taken to the hospital in ICU to be treated for severe burns. During his recovery period he developed a sense of humour to cope with the loss he endured, in one of the sittings, he made his physical therapist feel so good due to his funny jokes that the therapist suggested him to become a stand-up comedian. And it worked out so well that Henline is a regular on the command comedy circuit.

This was definitely a new start for the guy. Henline has a favourite hamburger restaurant, “Biggie’s Great Burgers and Shakes”, the owner of this restaurant is a Korean War Veteran. Brown, the owner of this hamburger restaurant, has a natural tendency towards Henline. So, he decided to help the guy set up his own restaurant.

The next step was to get the funding, so they set up a GoFundMe campaign which has earned more than $28k at the moment.

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