Insane Guy goes off on Facebook looking for a ‘Submissive Teen Girl’ with unwavering loyalty

Written by Wamiq Ali

This guy went to Facebook and updated his status of seeking some girl with unwavering loyalty and submissive mentality. I think he must have gone to the craigslist for such a demand. Tinder might have worked for the same purpose. However, the post makes it clear that the guy surely wants some sort of slave rather than a healthy friend.

The guy posts, “Hey everyone I’m looking for a Submissive Teen Girl to pledge her unwavering loyalty and affection to me as her Master/Owner In Real Life, not RP! If interested message me! Must Be Willing To Do What Ever Is Asked Of You Without Hesitation!

I am an Extremely Dominant Master.



The things in the caps are rather more bizarre and the guy thought to put more emphasis on these capital main parts of the post.

We are yet not sure if the post was made in the funny context or it was made just to give burns to someone else, but surely this made it to the Reddit and other social media platforms and people didn’t like the attitude of the guy.

Guy posts on Facebook

The guy has this weird satisfaction on his face as if he was made for this stuff. The dominant master stuff looks quite promising. We are quite confused if some girls actually messages the guy and asked for the recruitement? Because it feels like a job posting on the Facebook.

Someone on the internet pointed out his moustache while the others kind of roasted him for saying he’s dominant while sitting on the passenger seat. We think the guy is quite okay for spilling the shit.

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  • I actually know this kid, his family goes to church with my family, and I’ve baby sat him a handful of times. He is “special” and is also around 16/17 years of age. He has issues, and I’m pretty sure he meant this post literally.

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