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Innocent Man spends 38 years in jail under wrongful conviction of murder, walks free today!

Written by Wamiq Ali

Imagine spending 38 years in jail because you did nothing, well this Roslindale man faced something similar. He got convicted of murder 40 years ago and gets into jail. Finally, today the man walked free with an air of triumph.

Frederick Clay faced the most unfortunate arrest when he was 16 years old. He got convicted of the murder of Jeffrey Boyajian, a cab driver who was shot to death. Two eyewitnesses reported Clay to be present at the murder scene. This allowed the court to convict him of the first-degree murder.

On Tuesday, his murder conviction was vacated and Clay who is now 53-year-old walked out as a free man. His hearing was made in Suffolk County courtroom and they declared him innocent of the murder. Clay smiled and clapped as he entered the lobby of the courtroom.

Wbur News reported, “Well, it’s been a long time coming, It’s been 38 years for something I didn’t do. I’m kind of overwhelmed and sort of nervous.” – said, Clay.

Clay arrest was made in 1979.

Clay talks to the media after getting freed of all the allegations and accusations

Clay told media that his lawyers and inmates were the biggest support. They never discourage him to seek justice. He was even offered a plea deal to avoid the long sentence. Thought, he avoided the plea deal and made sure to always side with the truth. Other inmates forced him to stand with the truth, no matter what!

A glitch in eyewitness confirmation – Eyewitnesses had confirmed clay as a possible suspect of committing the murder. How the gave this statement? this is questionable.

They were hypnotized and asked questions and that lead to the identification of Clay as a murderer. This is a medical process which is largely debunked as not much effective. The arrest of Clay even suggests the same.

Well, we are happy for the innocent man, and more than happy that he maintained his innocence despite the crushing pressure of the Police.

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