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Innocent Chinese tourist receives $461,000 as damages after getting beaten by U.S. border agent

Written by Wamiq Ali

A Chinese tourist got brutally beaten up by a U.S. border agent. She is a businesswoman in China. In 2004, she got beaten up by U.S. border agent due to mistaken identity. She finally has been awarded full compensation in the form of $461,000.

A Tianjin business owner, Zhao Yan during her visit to Niagra Falls encountered this calamity. Border agents are responsible for making sure the peace in the country. They can’t let any dangerous element slip past them, the same emotion caused them to make mistake in the case of Zhao Yan.

She got pepper sprayed and hit by US Customs and Border Patrol Officer Robert Rhodes. He took her to be a drug smuggler. Zhao later claimed that Rhodes continued beating her even after she showed her original ID. She claimed to have suffered from both mental and physical trauma. The incident affected her personal life and in her subconscious, she became frightened of the Police.

Zhao stated as reported by Shanghaiist, “I have been to many countries in the past for business purposes, and the United States is the most barbarous.”

The case was pending in NewYork’s court and a federal judge ruled that the state owned $461,152 to Zhao as compensation for the damage she endured. The money distribution goes something like 64,000 in medical expenses, $1,800 in lost earnings, $260,000 in past pain and suffering, $125,000 in future pain and suffering and $10,000 for false arrest.

The compensation amount might look a lot but Zhao actually had filed a $10 million compensation. She had filed the civil suit in 2016. Rhodes was initially fired from the job due to the incident but later he was reinstated. US authorities tried to argue that those injuries were caused due to Zhao’s own mistake. She had run from Rhodes, but Zhao said that she got afraid and that made her run away because the officers had asked her to come inside cabin for inspection.

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