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Inmate boiled to death but state’s report says otherwise, shower water temperature was 160 degrees

Written by Wamiq Ali

A medical examiner reported that the inmate of Florida prison wasn’t burned while locked inside hot shower room. Darren Rainey had died while taking a shower in a Florida prison. The inmates alleged the guards to modify the shower temperature in order to punish those who weren’t cooperative.

Police are alleged to keep Darren locked inside that hot shower for about two hours. Inmates who were present at the time of incident recorded their statement. They said, “The Darren body looked like a boiled lobster.”

Later when the case was taken to the court, state attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle issued a report clearing the guards for any wrong doings during the prison time of Darren. It also declared that alleged burning incident as an accident. It stated that since Darren was locked inside the room and as he had a history of heart attack and schizophrenia which caused his death.

The report had numerous citations of medical examiner’s report, issued by Dr. Emma Lews, which stated that there were no burn injuries on the body of Darren. It also stated that the shower wasn’t too hot to cause any problem.

HuffPost, the only media entity, which reviewed the report issued by Dr. Emma Lews found that there were no records in the report regarding the statements of emergency services, inmates and the police. HuffPost stated that something wasn’t right in the report.

Huffpost later got images of Darren which were captured just after his death inside that locked bathroom. These photos HuffPost got from an inside source with an agreement of not revealing the identity. The source feared any future problems might arise if its identity gets revealed.

The photos clearly showed hot burns and heavy body scaling which can happen only after some chemical reaction or burns.

Well the death can be accidental but there are many things which point in other direction. Time will tell but further details can be found at HuffPost. Do share if you prefer justice. “Rainey was locked into a makeshift shower with water that allegedly reached 160 degrees”, quotes HuffPost.

160 degrees was tested by a safety officer who placed a thermometer in the running water 2 days after Darren’s death. This is 40 degrees above the allowed limit.

The water pipes can be seen rigged-up

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