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Incredible moment as woman’s hair froze when she stepped outside into sub-zero weather

The weather is getting a little harsh and this is a reminder for those who believe that the summers should not be that prolonged. Now, this much cold is not bearable, and a proper protection against the weather is needed. A woman wet hair has frozen solid in this cold weather. She stepped outside in sub-zero temperature and this wasn’t an expected behaviour.

Polar Vortex in US continues to inflict severe weather conditions

The polar vortex in America has caused some serious sub-zero temperatures. This is a large area of low pressure and cold air surrounding the area. The sub-zero temperature has caused the life of the people, difficult. They are facing a number of different situations as they brave the weather. A lot of young spirited people are kind of enjoying this much cold but those who suffer from cold, they are not happy. There had been a series of incidents which took place in this cold weather. However, the most important incident which took place happened with a Iowa woman.

A short video was posted on the Twitter by @taylor_scallon. The woman seems happy after experiencing the cold weather. Holding two blankets, she saw her hair, all she could do was to laugh uncontrollably. The water in her hair had frozen and it made them rise like spikes. The video has gone viral and it has received 41k likes and 12k retweets. One person wrote, “OMG my hair would break off!” There were a series of different comments which different people made on her video.

These cold winds are normally kept in place in the arctic regions. However, during the winter days, the polar vortex in north pole expands into the norther hemisphere, therefore reaching towards the northern areas of the US.

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