How to improve efficiency at workplace

Whether you are running a start-up or a well-established company, the behavior at workplace determines the success of your organization. By improving efficiency at workplace, a company can change its fate and reach the heights of success in no time.

Here are a few ways for individuals and organizations to  improve efficiency at workplace in order to have a successful venture.

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Improve efficiency at workplace

1. Take breaks in between

Research has it that average attention span of normal people is 90 to 120 minutes so if you consider yourself smart enough for working long hours, you are wrong! Long hours only make your mind lethargic, less active and ultimately, you end up doing a task in a longer time than normal.

Consider giving yourself short breaks in between work to regain focus and creativity. Get up from your workstation to roam around a little, stand in the corridor to have a little chit chat with a colleague or be around your window to have a sneak peak of the outside world. You can even have short naps in between your working hours to wake up with the same energy as you have at start of the day.

Many successful companies such as NASA and Google have adopted this atmosphere to improve efficiency at their workstations. So join the club!

2. Evaluate performance regularly

This helps you get an idea of where you company is heading to. Knowing strengths and weaknesses for your organization helps you formulate effective strategies for the future.
Have weekly meetings to discuss with your employees if everyone is on the same ground. This will help get strong coordination inside your organization that is essential to lead your organization in a positive direction.

Know your competitors well, so you are aware of your position among them. Get your facts straight and get honest opinions to improve your organizational practices.

3. Communicate with your employees

It is of no doubt that good communication is a great problem solver. Communication at workplace is important to keep all of the organization members at the same pace, so they are well aware of the aims and mission of the organization. Create a healthy relationship with your employees by communicating to them more often.

Have a friendly environment

It’s okay to get personal with your employees sometimes, in order to create a friendly atmosphere. Go one step beyond daily meetings and work problems. Ask them about their life goals and motivations and their expectation from work. This will help your organization to use their abilities in the best possible manner.
Keep the power distance low so your employees are at ease to discuss ideas with you and give you creative solutions.

It’s good to arrange business parties and dinners to provide a platform where employees can get comfortable with each other.

Promote Team work

Have regular sessions with your employees before taking important decisions for your company. As the famous saying goes, ‘Two heads are better than one’ so take opinion from every person who is involved in the process. The brainstorming session will let innovative ideas come forward and spice up the creativity of your team. Eventually, the employees will be more passionate about their work, boosting up their activity.

Encourage your employees to have a good interaction with each other because that is the core of team building. Give group assignments so that they work together for the goodwill of the organization.

4. Have strict accountability measures

Accountability is integral to the success of the organization. Employees boost up their activity with the fear of being held responsible.
Have a strict and efficient monitoring system to evaluate the performance and hold your employees accountable. Using biometric devices and attendance software is a great option for keeping check on your workforce.

Award, your employees, based on their performance by increasing salaries or giving other incentives. If their performance is neglected, they won’t care enough for your organization because they are not getting recognition for that extra effort they have done. Getting rewarded or praised for a task increases work performance so keep your employees motivated by appreciating them for their efforts.

On the flip side, employees with poor performance should be given warnings to keep them on track.

5.Keep up with latest technology

In this era of the modern world where technology is on boom, no organization can survive without having the best technology in hand. Stay updated with the latest revolutions in the field of technology relevant to your organization and improve your business practices. Always be on the look out for newest methods to enhance your organizational activities. Be innovative! Cut off any obsolete measures for your business because they are going to leave you outdated among your competitors.