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Immigrants TAUNT President Trump by climbing BORDER WALL in the US

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, four men taunted Trump’s tough talk on immigration.

In the picture, three men can be seen helping others to climb over the rusty metal wall between Ciudad Juarez in Mexico and Sunland Park, from New Mexico into the United States. This happened on Friday when this mockery came to be. There was also a guy who was standing as a lookout.

The young man was successful in getting into the United States’ territory.

All of this happened merely under two minutes.

This happened after Trump has ordered thousands of National Guard troops to stop illegal immigrants from coming into the country. The reason being that there is an expected wave of 1,000 personnel trying to get into the country illegally.

‘He couldn’t get over! He was taking forever,’ said one of the men who helped him, telling AFP he has seen people scale the 20-foot (six-meter) wall in one minute flat.

After crossing the border, his next goal was to avoid being spotted by the US Customs and Border Protection.

The illegal immigrant was a young guy who ran toward visible houses upon landing on the other side of the border.

The expected arrival of the 1,000 illegal immigrants mentioned above made Trump angry, and as usual, he took his frustration over to Twitter.

The so-called activists organizing this border-crossing have said that they would not try to cross the border as a group anymore. Instead, they are now going to cross the border individually, as a person or as a family.

Many are still in central Mexico but some have already reached the border according to Javier Calvillo. Calvillo is a Catholic priest who provides shelter to these immigrants in Ciudad Juarez.

‘Five migrants who were part of the caravan arrived here this week, but they’re already gone,’ he said.

‘They crossed into the United States, or tried to.’

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